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Name:Jassie B
Birthdate:Jul 22
Location:California, United States of America
The Basics:

Full time office zombie (the working dead) and full time film student with a passion for laughter, many many geeky obsessions, and my g/f, Lovey!


"First of all, I'm an email whore, and absolutely love gmail chat and aim. In fact, If you're ever reading this and it's between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. pacific time and have nothing better to do, please feel free to chat me up (rockstarjoker on gmail, and staytuned4theend on aim)"

"I hate when nothing funny or interesting happens to me. It makes me feel guilty for not working harder."

"I'm not gonna go out and call myself artistic (because it feels like a lie) but maybe creatively effected would be a fair term. What I mean is... I don't have to be doing something life changing, I don't have to be making people weep.. but I kinda go a little more nutso than usual if I'm not self expressing. "

"it bugs me when good writers waste their time on bad movies"

"I'm not exactly star struck... but minor television celebrities are my favorite kind"

"Life is so filled with shit and unhappiness, you've got to grab whatever makes you feel good and enjoy it no matter what people label you."

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