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I am a relatively fast crocheter.  And in February, Lovey bought some cotton yarn and asked me, for her birthday, to make her a bag that she could take with her to disneyland.

We always have issues with bags being uncomfortable, or too big, or not big enough, when we're walking around the park, so this is really a good idea.  And I don't know if I made her a good one or not, but I have to talk a little about this bag and it's terrible rule over my life.

In december, I made an entire blanket in 2 days.  So it's not like asking me to make a little bag is really all that much to ask.  But I got busy, and I got scared and I got moving, and things just went kinda CRAZY, and before i knew it, it was Lovey's 25th birthday and I was about 1/3 the way done. 

The thing with Lovey is, she knows this is how I get-  and she forgives me.  (Perhaps a little too easily)  and because she WASN'T breathing down my neck about her (two and a half months) late birthday present, I really didn't put alot of effort into getting it complete.

In my neurosis, though, is the thought that I cannot create something for me, unless my other tasks are done- and a bag promised months ago is definitely an undone task.  So in the past few months, my crochet, which usually means at least two to three noteworth bags or hats every few months, and a few dolls/animals/smaller projects as well, has been at a complete stand still.

And I'm not gonna go out and call myself artistic (because it feels like a lie)  but maybe creatively effected would be a fair term.  What I mean is... I don't have to be doing something life changing, I don't have to be making people weep.. but I kinda go a little more nutso than usual if I'm not self expressing.  And Yarn has been the best medium for self expression yet... so because I had a self imposed ban on it, the last few months have been unneccesarily harder than normal.

In any case, the bag of doom is finally complete.  And while I was much too lazy to actually take pictures, Lovey was gracious enough to text me a picture of the new bag, which I actually caught her using last night.  (Alot of my projects are totally goofy and therefore go unused.  It's always a delight when something I made is actually what some one wants)

Here is said bag of doom:

And now that thie bag of doom is done, it has been transformed into the bag of freedom, because... if I ever get home in time to start something, I am completely free to create whatever my heart desires..

Right now, I think my heart desires a Jedi Knight, or perhaps Jabba The Hut.. I'm much to lazy to make my favorites- chewy or r2d2 though.. We'll see what comes of my crafty freedom... if not now, then when School frees me for the summer.

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